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amenity n : pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions; "a well trained staff saw to the agreeableness of our accommodations"; "he discovered the amenities of reading at an early age" [syn: agreeableness] [ant: disagreeableness]

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French aménité, Latin amoenitas, from amoenus, "pleasant", "delightful".


  1. pleasantness
    We especially enjoyed the amenity of the climate on our last holiday.
  2. thing or circumstance that is welcome and makes life a litte easier or more pleasant
    All the little amenities the hotel provided made our stay very enjoyable.
  3. convenience


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In the contexts of real estate and lodging, amenities are any tangible or intangible benefits of a property, especially those which increase the attractiveness or value of the property or which contribute to its comfort or convenience.
Tangible amenities might include parks, swimming pools, health club facilities, party rooms, bike paths, community centers, doormen, or garages, for example.
Intangible benefits might include a "pleasant view" or aspect, low crime rates, or a "sun-lit living room", which all add to the living comforts of the property.
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